Views, subscribers, likes on YouTube
Views on YouTube
500 views every day for a month. 40 $.
1000 views every day for a month. 80 $.
5,000 views every day for a month. 400 $.
10000 views every day for a month. 800 $.
50000 views every day for a month. 3500 $.
Subscribers to YouTube channel
100 subscribers for 1-2 days. 10 $.
500 subscribers in 3-5 days. 40 $.
1000 subscribers in 5-7 days. 70 $.
5,000 subscribers in 5-7 days. 300 $.
Likes on YouTube
100 likes in 2-3 days. 5 $.
500 likes in 3-5 days. 20 $.
1000 likes in 3-5 days. 30 $.
5000 likes in 5-7 days. 100 $.
Comments on YouTube
50 comments in 1-2 days. 10 $.
100 comments in 3-5 days. 20 $.
200 comments in 5-7 days. 35 $.
500 comments in 5-7 days. 60 $.
    With the expansion of the youtube video hosting audience, it has become not just an option to spend your time watching interesting videos or the opportunity to show your hobbies to others. Today it is a whole separate world. And now just an interesting idea and good performance was not enough for a quick promotion to the top popularity. To get into the first lines of search is not enough to have a couple of dozen subscribers or a thousand views. Now the bill goes on tens of thousands and millions. Of course, it is very difficult to break through to a newly created channel with such a competition.
  How do you usually unwind the channel? Users watch the video, put the likes, share them with their friends. Gradually the number of views and those who want to constantly monitor the release of new videos is growing. If, of course, the channel offers really fascinating and high-quality content. But in today's realities, this is too slow.
  How to speed up the promotion of the channel? To do this, you need to cheat the subscribers on youtube. This is a simple and effective way to highlight and raise your channel among others. Correctly prescribed tags and a competent description is good. But in today's realities this approach is catastrophically small. But with the help of cheating can quickly raise the status of the channel among users.
  It's no secret that people pay more attention to the video, where a lot of views and likes. And on the channel to which most people are subscribed. This is a simple psychology. A high rating means that many users have already evaluated the quality of the videos. So, there is a proven and interesting content. Low-level accounts are often bypassed - why are there few subscribers? Maybe there is no worthwhile content?
  Naturally, cheating subscribers and views on YouTube should be carried out in a complex manner, along with the cheking of the likes. Then the rapid growth of popularity will look more organic and will not cause questions. And when the channel comes out in the first lines of search, additional incentives will no longer be needed. Because in this case, the rating and views will grow by inertia.